A Big Addiction


My latest obsession…Walden Farms marinades and dressings….basically all of them have:

0 Fat

0 Sugar

0 Carb

0 Calories

they do have sodium, 2 tablespoons about 290mg.



Hi AFF, (awesome fit fam)


Happy Friday and if you’re new to our fam welcome!  We are growing like crazy so if

you’ve been with us for a while you have probably noticed all the new faces around.

I trust all you newbies will find The Camp just as addicting as the rest of us do!


When I do my weekly orientation for new members I always warn them we are highly addicting,

everyone laughs, but it is very true.  I may have mentioned this before, but the word I

most often hear to describe The Camp is ”addicting”!  and it makes me a proud mama!!


The definition of addicted in the dictionary reads:

To occupy (oneself) with or involve (oneself) in something 

habitually or compulsively.  


That’s totally positive if it has to do with working out.  If you are addicted to working out, whether it be with us at

The Camp or Fitness Concepts or any other gym, you are on the right path to reaching your fitness goals.

You do know, “obsessed is the word the lazy use to describe the dedicated”…that’s on our gym wall and

it’s along the the same lines as being addicted!


Your passion for this has to be dramatic in order to really have a significant effect on your life.

If you spend an hour at the gym but do the same thing day in and day out like run the treadmill for 20

min and and throw some weights around every once in a while I guarantee you’re not seeing major

improvements in your body.


Bottom line is, most of us are healthy and we work out because we want to look better right?

If you’re investing an hour of your day at the gym, make it worth your time, get results!

You’re already putting in the time, make it count.


A plan of action at the gym is super important.  This doesn’t apply when you come to Camp or

Fitness Concepts, you just show up and leave the rest to us, we will provide the action plan.  BUT…

it is up to you to step it up, challenge yourself, commit to going longer, harder, and focus more on your form.


There are ways to make the workout burn 1000 calories or go through the motions and burn 320, same amount of

time…more effort.  One of the few things money can’t buy, you have to put in the work on your own.


No worries though, we are meant to work hard, our bodies are designed to work.  Take advantage of the

fact that you can be active, you can run, squat, and jump (even if it’s modified).  There are way too many people

who wish they had the luxury to be active but cannot due to disability.

Thankfully you are not one of those people.


Anyway, below are just two messages I’ve received recently about people’s addiction, thought I’d share…


Hi Alejandra!

Let me start off by saying, ” I Love the boot camp ” the instructors are awesome, the environment is great. I am addicted! 

I will say I was intimidated prior to joining but after my first visit I felt and continue to feel very comfortable.

I have not attended a nutrition class but look forward to attending the next one.





Hi Alejandra,


Thanks for checking in. I love The Camp. It’s been great. I’ve been going 6 days a week and it is getting very addictive : ) 


I’m been meaning to thank you for supporting the MOMS club and to let you know that I won two $100 gift cards at our MOMS Club banquet this year through the raffle. I would like to use them now to continue bootcamp through the summer. So, please let me know when you’ll be around at the Chino location and I’ll drop them by for you.







Upcoming at The Camp:


May 1, my partner Sam’s BIG 40th birthday!


May 7, 6pm Sprouts in Chino HIlls Grocery Store Tour


May 11, Fit RanX testing, Chino 9:30am - Talk about stepping it up!



May 29, 6pm in Chino Nutrition Session



Have an awesome weekend!





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Laurel Horton May 1, 2013 at 8:52 am

Hey…that picture shows Chocolate and Caramel syrup. Is that on The Camp list of clean eating? (: Yum


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