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I get so many questions about what to eat, how to train, if it’s okay to eat certain foods. There are so many theories, diets, programs out there and pretty much all of it works. But please understand you have to know that for long lasting results you can’t expect quick fixes. You’ve heard whatever is worth having is worth working for. For this purpose that is very true.

If you are on the 500 calories plus one green apple a day diet, yes I’ve had a client tell me they’ve done this, you will lose weight. BUT big BUTT!! (pun intended) not all weight is created equal. Don’t sacrifice valuable muscle, it’s not worth it, work on developing muscle and don’t be a slave to the scale. Muscle weighs more than fat but the beauty is that muscle is compact while
fat spreads and is lumpy, so big difference in it’s appearance on your body.

As far as gaining muscle is concerned, this is where a lot of the ladies begin to worry that they will bulk and look like a man. Ladies, even men have to work hard to look manly and muscular…lol

The process is very intentional and requires a lot of heavy lifting and a lot of the right foods, so if that’s the intention you’ll have to increase your calories and hit the weights hard.

If you’re looking to lose a couple of dress sizes, tighten your glutes, and get rid of back fat just follow my 4 secrets. See below:

Okay, these aren’t really secrets…more like rules for myself.

1. Eat food that is as unprocessed as possible! This means whole grains, lean proteins and vegetables
2. Train, workout, move!! If you live a sedentary lifestyle that has to change, if you don’t it will show!
3. Drink a lot of water, I aim for a gallon a day, sometimes I surpass it sometimes I don’t reach it but 1 gallon is the goal.
4. Enjoy your life, allow yourself to eat what you like, as long as you practice moderation it will not have a negative affect on your ultimate goals.


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-Next nutrition session is on 8/28 at 6pm Chino.

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