Anthony Robbins and your motivation

Looks like a cheat, taste like a cheat…but it’s not!  Totally delic chocolate protein muffin.
Chocolate Protein Muffins
Chocolate Protein Muffins

1 cup oat flour

½ cup chocolate protein powder

½ tsp. baking soda

mix and set aside


Separately on stove:

slice and steam 1 medium yam

when fully cooked peel and add

1 ripe banana

plus 2 squares of baking chocolate

mash banana, yam and chocolate together and

mix thoroughly.

Add the flour mix

plus 5 egg whites,

3 oz. of water

Mix well, pour onto muffin pan and bake for 18 min. at 350.

Let cool and add natural peanut butter on top.


Super Trainer Sonjia took home some hardware in her latest competition on January 19th.

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Almost February…can’t wait, I’m not much of a winter girl at all.

The Camp is prepping for some CRAZY challenges…we are all about transformation this year and making things happen. If you’ve been coming you’ve noticed campers actively making their resolutions become reality and loving the experience because we’re all doing it together! So much more fun that way!

Earlier in the week I was invited to a Anthony Robbins presentation. Coming from a sales and business background I knew the purpose of this Free Seminar was to get people to sign up for the Anthony Robbins program. It was a great hour long presentation the speaker covered topics about personal growth and what causes us to limit ourselves. The speaker did a fantastic job in motivating the audience to take action and sign up for one the the weekends with Mr. Robbins.

I love everything about personal growth, positive mind-set and motivation and it all works very very well as long as you know what steps to take to get you to the next level.

Motivation on it’s own won’t get you to the next level, in fitness, education, career or any other area of your life. Motivation will get the ball rolling and wheels turning but to keep yourself at that state you have to see results, otherwise the motivation dwindles.

Imagine you were scheduled for surgery and you went in for the pre-op with your doctor and saw he was very motivated and excited to perform the surgery. Pretend you asked him where he got his degree and he answered he didn’t actually graduate but he is EXTREMELY MOTIVATED and is certain he’s going to have a successful surgery!

Now that is a far fetched example but the purpose is for you to get my point on the importance of either educating yourself or going to an expert to help you in whatever area of your life that you wish to see improvement.

photo (3)Results is what actually fuels motivation and with results it’s practically impossible not to feel motivated!
Just ask any of our campers who have stuck to the meal and workout plan and inevitably seen amazing results!

Whether it be sales training for your job so you can close more deals, or an expert in fitness so you can achieve the health you’ve been wanting. Seeking guidance from an expert is the first part of getting you there.

At The Camp we focus on educating our campers on nutrition as well as the workouts. Knowing the best foods to eat and what to avoid is a TREMENDOUS part of getting results. A lot of people think they are doing the right thing but they just lack the proper information and end up making wrong decisions without even being aware of it.
Obviously they end up with awful results therefore end up giving up.

If you haven’t participated in our monthly grocery store tour or monthly nutrition session I highly recommend it.
Nutrition is the most important part of your results…please don’t take it for granted and use these services we provide, they are included in your membership so you might as well.

Check out this awesome recipe feels like a cheat, looks like a cheat but it’s not!!

Leave your comments…let me know what you think about the protein muffins!!


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