Cheating 101

It’s funny, I always have food on the brain, it’s the most common topic that people ask me about, I guess because it’s definitely the most challenging, at least it is for me it is.
The comments I get a lot when I am going over nutrition with someone is, “do you ever eat bad”, “do you ever crave sweets,” “do you ever mess up on your diet”, and then when I answer OMG TOTALLY!!!!

People seem to be revealed for some reason. You don’t have to be this super human that would never even consider having ice cream or a glass of wine or pizza, or french fries. You just have to make the decision to make this your lifestyle first, and then eat clean most of the time.

I’ve come up with a few rules for clean eating and cheating…they’ve worked very well for me and tons of campers.
If you’re struggling in this area check out my rules, they are sure to help.

Rule #1

photoPlan ahead…this is the very best advise I can offer. Preparing your meals in advance (2-3 days) will save you from a lot of unnecessary snacking and binges. Set aside a couple of days per week to prepare a few days worth of meals.
Store them in your fridge in tupperware, each container should be the actual meal size. Take them with you if you’re out!
Don’t be shy to pull out your Tupperware in public self disciple is very cool.

Rule #2

Eat 6 meals per day, people always ask if these need to be small meals…I say not necessarily, if you are working out at The Camp…or anywhere that gives you an awesome workout, you will find an increase in your appetite.
If you are eating the right foods, don’t obess about portion size. It’d be really hard to overeat tilapia, spinach, egg whites…you get it right.
The food in a clean diet are only going to help you achieve the health and hot bod you want not work against you. Also, don’t forget to eat, do it every 3 hours.

Rule #3

Eat a balanced diet…if your goal is to gain muscle (don’t worry ladies you will not bulk…ask any body builder …”bulking” is a very INTENTIONAL and DIFFICULT process). Muscle will actually help you burn more fat while at rest…plus we begin to lose muscle as we age so your objective should always be to increase muscle.
Anyway, eating a balanced diet for this purpose includes:
Lean protein in every meal
lots of veggies, especially green ones
limited amounts of healthy fats like almonds, peanut butter, salmon
limited amounts of complex carbs like quina, oatmeal, brown rice, yams
limited amounts of sugar preferably just from fruits like strawberries, blueberries
drink LOTS of water

Rule #4

-Enjoy your cheats…PLEASE don’t feel guilty, don’t worry about portion control,
-plan your cheat meal in advance,
-they shouldn’t be a spur of the moment decision,
-eat everything you can at one sitting…this includes dessert (my fav)!!
-limit your cheats to once…at the very most 2 times per week.
-It’s not a CHEAT DAY!!! It’s a meal!!!!! You can do a lot of damage in one day.

If you are following the program all week, workout and meal plan, your cheat will not negatively impact you.
If you mess around on the plan and still indulge in the big cheat meal, that’s a problem and you will not get results.

I really hope those rules help you at least a bit!


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