Chino Hills Boot Camp – Few Workout Tips

A few tips to help you stay on track to achieving your weight-loss and fitness goals. The most important thing to do is make a decision, once you have made up your mind to be fit NOTHING will get in your way. 

Don't make excuses… make yourself priority!  That's how we roll at our Chino Hills Boot Camp


1. Commit to working out an ABSOLUTE minimum of 3 times per week.

2. Workout first thing in the morning- don't start your day without it, there isn't too much to do but workout at 5am;) and you get a jump start on your day.

3. Take your Clean Eating day by day. Everyday make a commitment to stick to your clean eating plan.  You'll find the longer you stick to it the easier it becomes, until it's simply a part of your life.

4. Clean eating requires a lot of meals throughout the day…us protein shakes to your advantage, they are a great way to get a quick healthy snack.

5. When you are considering not going to workout just think of how amazing you feel when you finish working out and how lousy you feel when you miss a workout (kinda guilty).  You never regret a workout!! Hope that stuff helps;)


I'm happy to help in any form I can…let me know, you can always find me at The Camp Bootcamp!


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