Cure for the Common Cold

Hi AFF, (Awesome Fit Fam)

I’m sure you’ve heard of all those natural cold remedies available, echinacea, ginseng, vitamin C. I had previously tried all of them…but this week I got a cold and my very sweet best friend brought over ginger and lemon juice.

What she did was blended the ginger with a little bit of water and mixed with lemon juice. It was AMAZING how quickly I felt better. Seriously, within the hour the crummy feeling of the cold was disappearing. I took this little concoction throughout the day, every 3 hours. Although the next day I felt a lot better I continued to take it.

She had told me about it before but I seriously never get sick so I never really paid much attention. Anyway, I wanted to recommend it to you, just in case you need it, see the exact instructions below.

Ginger/Lemon cold cure!!

Lemon-Ginger119942036about 1 inch of natural ginger
blend with 1/2 cup water
once it’s well blended
transfer 4 Tblsp into a glass and
squeeze half a lemon
heat for about 20 sec. in the microwave!!

Drink, quickly…doesn’t taste great but it’s bearable!

Drink it throughout the day, you won’t need Tylenol or Advil!

I’m glad I’m feeling great now because tomorrow a group of 6 gorgeous ladies for our Bikini Squad are competing at the Gold Coast Muscle Classic at the

Veterans Memorial Auditorium
4117 Overland Ave.
Culver City

The event starts at 10am but the Bikini Squad won’t be on until about 11:30am
Come cheer on your AFF!!

Coming up at The Camp Transformation Center!!

-FITNESS AFTER DARK!! March 7, 7pm to 10pm…think Dance Party USA!! lol, it’ll be fun, mark your calendars! Plus it’s a great cause Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser!!! BRING YOUR FRIENDS TOO!

-Changes to the workout schedule:
We are making some changes to the schedule of how we train.
I think you will really like this!! Don’t worry you will still get your cardio in every session.

Monday-upper body
Tuesday-lower body
Wednesday-full body
Thursday-upper body
Friday-lower body
Sat.-Full body
Sun-Full body

-Grocery store tour at the Chino Hills Sprouts on 2/11 at 6pm

-Camp Support Group 2/22 at 9:15am in Chino
(see details below)


When you check in on FB type the check in number, for example if it’s your first check in type 1 and so on.

If you’re checking in on Facebook and have reached your 25 check-ins email me letting me know what location and what size you need. It’ll take us a few days to get your shirt to you.

for your shirts:)

Thanks so much and see you at The Camp!



Below is a message from our Camp Support Group Leader, Andrea!

Join us for our Camp Support Group!! We had a great group for our first session. We shared stories, experiences, frustrations and some laughs. Most of all we related to each other and didn’t feel so
alone in our journey towards letting go of negative habits and adopting a healthy lifestyle!!

Some of the topics of our last group were: a little about ourselves and what brought us to The Camp, some of the obstacles we face in our day to day lives that make our health goals challenging, people in our lives that are non-supportive and what we are looking forward to when we reach our goal-

Our next support group will focus on tools for achieving your goals: through self care, saying no to others and using affirmations.

I look forward to connecting and sharing time with you on our journey towards greater health and quality of life!

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. Andrea Torres

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