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Hey AFF, (awesome fit fam)


Unless you regularly eat whole fruits and vegetables, nuts, and seeds, you may be missing out on the healthiest forms of fiber available – and that could be a problem.


Soluble fiber, like that found in cucumbers, blueberries, beans, and nuts, dissolves into a gel-like texture, helping to slow down your digestion. This helps you to feel full longer and is one reason why fiber may help with weight control.


Insoluble fiber, found in foods like dark green leafy vegetables, green beans, celery does not dissolve at all and helps add bulk to your stool. This helps food to move through your digestive tract more quickly for healthy elimination. Many whole foods, especially fruits and vegetables, naturally contain both soluble and insoluble fiber.


The best way to get your fiber is through vegetables, nuts and seeds, not so much whole grains as one would think!!!!

I’ve listed some good options below, these all contain high levels of soluble and insoluble fiber.


Chia Seeds






Green Beans


Sweet Potatoes


Take note…eat more veggie, nuts and beans to get your fiber in…not so much bread!


The Accountability Challenge is starting 4/14…teams will here from their team leaders within the next couple of days to schedule your initial meeting!!


Also, we have a Rancho UPDATE!!  We expect to be operating out of the new Rancho site by the end of May!!!!  If you want to check it out it’s at 9440 Dover Way Rancho Cucamonga.





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