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Hey AFF,

Another week gone by…time flies when you’re having a blast I guess!

I hope you had an awesome week, make it an even better weekend!!!!

I wanted to share with you my experience when I first started working out (with a meaning) 10 years ago. When I first started working out, I NEVER did back exercises. I figured it was for men.

All I focused on was legs, glutes, and a bit of shoulders, and arms…basically everything but my back! A couple of years into training myself I noticed my lame and unattended back had no muscle while the rest of my body was shaping up and getting some nice definition.

Once I started paying more attention to other women’s backs I realized how a nicely developed back not only looks amazing in strapless and low back clothes but actually makes your waist appear smaller as well!!

A small waist for me was a huge plus. After I had my kids I lost my waist and my body became a bit boxier. I had been struggling with this so that for me was a hot button, (getting a smaller waist).

Today, working my back is one of my favorite workouts. On a weekly basis I’m at the gym practicing my pull-ups and back rows to help create the illusion of a small waist and my work has paid off!

Having excess fat on your back is uncomfortable and hard to camouflage in clothes, especially summer tops. Even with a fully closed blouse, if you have excess fat your bra will make back fat even more apparent, and going braless isn’t an option.

Getting rid of back fat is one of the hardest areas to target when losing weight. Your diet and exercise regimen has to be tuned into toning your upper body and losing fat all across the board. If you’re making progress on parts of your body like tummy and thighs but haven’t seen much change with your back, I have a great solution for you!

We are rolling out a program that will be specific to developing a beautiful and sleek back!! It’ll be a 6 weeks program and to give you personalized attention we can only take 20 people. Respond to this email letting me know you are interested in participating and I will send you all the details!

Upcoming at The Camp and Fitness Concepts
PLEASE be careful where you park in Chino! Only around the perimeter of our building or on the street!!!
PLEASE bring workout towels to every session, high temps = sweaty peeps and results in sweaty equipment!

Check in on FB and win a free t-shirt (25 check-ins gets you a free T) You have to let me know you have hit your 25!! Email me with the size and location you will pick up your shirt.

Next nutrition session is on 7/31 at 6pm Chino.

Also, you can still sign up for the BMW Challenge! Let me know if you’re interested.
If you are interested in participating in the Bikini Squad (fitness competition), please email me, there is a local show in Aug. and another in October. We already have a few ladies starting their prep for October.

Have an awesome weekend.


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