Guilt Free Muffins

spinach muffins
Hey Aff, (Awesome Fit Fam)

Happy Friday! Good morning…I have a super quick message for you because my hubby is rushing me to get ready, we are leaving on vacation in a couple of hours.

I just wanted to let you know I will for sure miss you (love my aff).
We are going to Dallas for a few days to see my in-laws and then to Miami for a couple of weeks to see my family.

I’m definitely excited but I’m already having withdrawals with the thought of not being able to make to a gym until Wednesday, at best.

I’ll be doing my “workout on the go”

I resort to this little workout when I have to, no equipment needed.

20 burpees
20 push ups
30 squats
50 walking lunges
do this 4 times

It totally gets your heart rate up!

I’m committed to sticking to my fit regime! Check me out on Instagram and help keep me accountable, I’ll be posting how I accomplish this while on vacation!

Instagram name: alejandrafont
Facebook as well: Alejandra Font

I have a quick and very easy muffin recipe, check it out!

1 cup of egg whites
1 zucchini
blend for about 1 min. until zucchini is totally liquid.

1 cup of oatmeal
1 cup of vanilla protein powder
1 tsp cinnamon
2 tblsp of flaxseed

mix the egg white/zucchini combo with the dry ingredients.

pour into muffin bin back for 20 min at 450.

This recipe was inspired by Super Trainer Sonjia, it’s her pancake recipe but I made it into muffins…so good and satisfies your craving for bread.

BTY, see the list of upcoming events:

Nutrition session 6/27 at 6pm in Chino
Grocery store tour 7/7 Sprouts in Chino Hills

fb or email me to let me know you are ready to claim it and we will leave it for you! (make sure to let me know what size).

Have an awesome weekend!

Alejandra Font
The Camp Bootcamp
14626 Central Ave.
Chino, CA 91710

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