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Here at The Camp, we have it pretty easy, an awesome place to work out, but more than that we get to help and motivate people all day long.  Campers are always saying, texting and emailing “thank you for having such a great program”, “it’s addicting”, it “feels like family”, “you guys have changed my life”, “your trainers are amazing”, “everyone really cares”!  When I hear comments like that it makes me so happy and proud.

I couldn’t be in a better place, I am so aware of what I have and so thankful.


The absolutely most gratifying thing of it all is when I see people who have transformed…not necessarily physically (which of course is awesome) but when I see they have the same passion and enthusiasm for health and fitness in their life as we all do!!!  That for me is the icing on the cake,

because that is definitely our purpose, to inspire you to make health and fitness a part of your life…added perk is looking great!!

Few start out that way but once they’ve hung around for a bit they begin adopting it as their lifestyle, it’s cool how this type of living is contagious!

The other day on Facebook one of our newer campers posted a question in regard to food, one of our early morning campers, Sofia was the first to respond explaining, in detail and with examples everything she should eat and the purpose for eating that way (protein in every meal lots of green veggies ect..), it was awesome…very impressive, (again another proud moment).
All the trainers, Sam and I could say was YUP you got right…listen to her!
Upcoming STUFF:
Sorry I kind of went off on a tangent there…We have our Fit for a Photo Shoot Challenge starting soon.
We are excited about that one!  A lot of women have asked for a challenge that  isn’t based on weight loss so we’ve come up with a toning and conditioning program which will include your regular workouts at The Camp plus weight training.  We will also top it off with your own photo shoot and your own hair and makeup person!!  Sounds girly and fun, but guys can do it as well.

We have very limited space for this so please respond to this email so I can put you on a interest list.
We expect to start by March 1.


We also have a ton of ladies interested in being part of the Bikini Squad…and participate with some of the trainers in a fitness bikini competition.  We will have an information meeting so we can answer all of your questions and give you all the details you need.


Info meeting for Bikini Squad

Rancho Wednesday, Feb 20 at 7pm

Chino Thursday, Feb 21 at 6:30pm


Please leave a comment letting me know which one you plan to attend or email me at:

If you have any questions leave a comment!
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Peiwen February 15, 2013 at 4:34 pm

so simple. I will try this next week! :) Thanks!


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