Healthy Peanut Butter Cups

It looks like everyone is committed and very focused in getting beach season ready. I’m noticing the atmosphere at The Camp different, I mean we have always had a ton of energy and people excited about reaching their goals but is seems different lately…the dedication is insane and the best thing is that it’s contagious! I see campers checking in on FB for Round 2 and sometimes even Round 3!
It definitely motivates me to really bring my best to my own workouts and stay super clean with my meals.

I also must admit some of my motivation comes from outside influences…the other day one of my mom’s old friends told her she had seen my sister and I on Facebook, she said my sister looked beautiful but what’s wrong with me, why do I have all those “lumps”!!!

LOL OMG hilarious, I know by lumps she’s not referring to cellulite so I’ll take it as a compliment cuz I think she means muscles. I chat with a lot of women every week who have the same type of influences sometimes mother-in-laws or friends or aunts telling them they are going to look like a guy if they drink protein shakes, they are going to look muscular if they do anything other than Zumba for a workout.
That type of resistance is very common. Ignore negative influences, you really can’t blame them, it’s most definitely unknown territory for them so they respond negatively.

If you get heat from your friends and family all I can tell you is stay true to what you believe and go for the look you want to achieve.
The workouts and eating plans we provide are guaranteed to transform your body. It’s up to you to what extent you want to take it.

I know I always say the recipe I have is amazing but this one is a personal favorite because it involves chocolate and peanut butter! Yup chocolate peanut butter cups!! Thanks to Super Trainers Shelley for sharing this recipe with me a couple of days ago…she knows about my obsession with chocolate and peanut butter because she shares the obsession with me!

Check it out and notice the awesome editing job…my gorgeous little boy (11 yrs) has insisted on doing my videos for me…he did all the filming and editing on this one…notice my semi dramatic entrance, that was all his idea. Everything in the video, but the recipe was his idea.
How could I resist the direction of one of my all time favorite people?


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Sandra March 1, 2013 at 1:53 pm

Gonna make it this weekend, been craving choclate lately..Thanks for sharing!!


Stephanie Turrentine March 1, 2013 at 3:20 pm

Yea! Looking forward to making this…I have a real sweet tooth, but I am doing good with my clean eating, so this will be an awesome treat!


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