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photoBeing a mom in the health and fitness industry I often feel guilty when I feed my kids junk food.

Eating super healthy for me isn’t always easy so I guess I sometimes live vicariously through the food I allow my boys to eat. Don’t get me wrong they eat healthy for the most part, but I do allow them to indulge.

The problem is that one of my sons could stand to gain 10 pounds and the other could lose a bit and he’d still be very healthy.

I struggle with feeding them certain foods that will help my underweight son gain weight but and the same time I have to be careful with what the other one eats because I don’t want him to gain any.

Believe it or not, it’s a big worry factor for me. Especially because I fear my little one isn’t getting enough nutrients and vitamins a growing boy needs.

I not sure if I’m alone with this but I thought I would share my dilemma, please let me know if you have struggled with the same thing and if you have been able to solve it. Any input is welcome and appreciated!!

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