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photoHey AFF,

Happy Friday and happy long weekend.

Enjoy yourselves there is no reason why you can’t have fun and still stay focused on your goals. You just have to want your goal more than you want that that piece of pizza, cake, or in my case, Yogurtland. Just make smart choices and be honest with yourself.

I got a lot of questions about my email from last week, people were asking for some more detailed info so I’m going to share my daily schedule with you.

Nothing necessary scientifically proven, just what works for me.

1st thing in the morning:
-black coffee pre-workout supplement, my fav is Super Pump mixed in water

-during my workout (both bootcamp and weight training) creatine and Bcaas mixed in water.

-I do bootcamp 3-4 days per week.
I train lower body with weights 3 times per week, upper body weights two days and I hit biceps, back, and the other day triceps and shoulders.

-I never miss bootcamp, I go heavy with the weights in the class and I try to keep all my movements steady and controlled. Unless we are doing plyometric…which I love!

-When I do my own weight training, I also go heavy.

photo (1)-Food
I love to eat and I LOVE sweets. HUGE weakness of mine.
I eat a lot of lean protein, turkey, chicken, fish also vegetables, and I have about 3-4 servings of carbs per day, which include oatmeal, brown rice tortillas, rice, and yams.

I stop eating when I’m no longer hungry. I don’t have a rule of not eating after a certain time, I just make sure if it’s late, I limit it to protein and veggies…usually at night I’ll do a shake.

About 2 times per week I’ll do a carb at night as well. So maybe egg whites and a brown rice tortilla instead of the shake.

I eat whatever I want 2 meals per week.

Drinks: water all day every day!
Alcohol: When I drink alcohol, it’s only on cheat meal days. Long are the days of a glass of wine while making dinner!!

When I begin to prepare for a competition I eat the same things except I am very precise on measuring to make sure I’m getting enough protein and not too many carbs, but I don’t eat cheat meals.
I compete at 10 pounds lighter than what I am currently weighing and it takes me about 7-6 weeks to get to my competition weight.

Speaking about competitions…we are starting the training for the next Bikini Competition! It’s not too late to join, let me know if you are interested!!

Anyway, that’s my regimen…I know what I need to do to achieve a leaner look but I’m very comfortable with the way I look now, the workout is very doable and the eating is super satisfying.

photo (2)Reminders!!

Rancho 8, 9am
Chino 7,8,9am

-Thanks for wearing the name tags!! We appreciate it!

-Check in on FB and win a free t-shirt (25 check-ins gets you a free T) You have to let me know you have hit your 25!! Email me with the size and location!

-PLEASE bring workout towels to every session, high temps = sweaty peeps and results in sweaty equipment!

-We are bringing FITRANX back in Sept!!!! Fitness Testing for all regular members!

Have an awesome weekend!

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