Nachos The Healthy Way


1 Ezekiel tortilla (toast in toaster oven until it is hard like a tortilla chip)
when the tortilla is hard break it into chip size pieces.
Almond cheese (grade over chips) heat in microwave until cheese has melted. 
once the chips are ready with the cheese add:
1/4 avocado (mashed)
chop onions, tomatoes, cilantro (mix to make the salsa)
heat 1/2 can of beans (pinto or black) and pour over.
optional: 4 oz. of grilled chicken






Check out Leti, one of our Chino Camper’s progress pics…she’s gone down 20lbs since November!  She’s 
a major inspiration and has a ton of positive energy!!  That’s why I love to be around her…
She’s usually at the 5am session with her friend Claudia and others friends she’s made here.  
They have made health and fitness a part of their lives and it shows!
I also wanted to remind you we cannot allow kids on the gym floor during the classes but they are welcome
to wait for you in the lobby or office area.  Sorry, it’s for safety reasons.  
Also, our next grocery tour is on 3/19 at 6pm at Sprouts Chino Hills
and our next nutrition session is 3/27 at 6pm and the Chino location.


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