Portobello Mushroom Burger eat clean and delish

Portobello sandwich


Ingredients for Portobello Mushroom Burger

Large Portobello mushroom (you will use this as the bun)
extra lean ground turkey
onion and red pepper
almond cheese
any dressing or mustard you wish
Mrs. Dash

I chopped about ½ an onion and 1 red pepper and mixed it into the turkey,
and then added one full egg and sprinkled Mrs. Dash. Once the mixture
was ready I created the patties and grilled them for a few minutes.

I cut the stem off the Portobello mushroom and sprayed it with olive oil
then put it in the toaster oven for a few minutes.

Then using the mushroom as my bun I set the turkey patty on top of the
mushroom, added the tomatoes, cheese and lettuce!! Please try it!!
You’ll love it!

Hey AFF, (Awesome, Fit, Fam)

I was almost gonna send you a negative message today.
I couldn’t sleep last night, I had a lot on my mind. This
morning I decided to sleep past my 4:15 alarm, I just didn’t
feel like getting up. When I finally got out of bed at 5:20ish
I decided I wasn’t going to work out. I just felt out of it, with
0 motivation and a bit sad. I had a couple of appointments this
morning at the gym so I got ready and as I was driving down to
the gym, the crazy lady inside my head (that little voice we all
have that many times feeds us doubt and negativity)…told me
I have the power to change what I was feeling.

My brain is allowing me to feel down and unmotivated so it
also has the power to make me feel happy, grateful and positive.
As I parked the car, I couldn’t wait to see everyone inside who is
always there hitting it hard early in the morning. My mental state
had gone from one extreme to the other within a couple of minutes.

I had a couple of great meeting with clients who are having amazing
progress, and I worked out with my girl and Super Trainer, Amanda Martin.

Use the power that is your brain to control your emotions, don’t sweat
the little things and don’t allow little hiccups to bring you down.
We all have so much to be grateful for!!

Okay so enough about my mood swings LOL!!

I have a yummy recipe just for you, I had posted it on Instagram earlier
this week but in case you missed it check it out below.

Portobello mushroom burger, no bread and you won’t miss the bread!

Click here for recipe

Summer Kids Program will be starting soon.

Please let me know if you want in, see details below:
M-W-F 10am $97 per month.

SPECIAL BONUS parents will have the flexibility to workout at
Fitness Concepts while they wait for their child!
win win…everyone gets fit!!

The Fit RanX testing is tomorrow if you are testing make sure to
be ready by 9:30am in Chino.

Thanks so much and have an amazing weekend!


Alejandra Font
The Camp Bootcamp
14626 Central Ave.
Chino, CA 91710

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