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Hey Aff, (awesome fit family)

Happy Friday.

I just wanted to wish you great weekend and remind you to always stay focused on your goals.

Don’t allow a little mood swing, waking up late, spilling coffee or any little hiccup along the way derail you from the overall focus.

Don’t sweat the little things. My husband used to always tell me that, and I would feel so dumb because I really would complicate myself over little things. He no longer says that to me, thank goodness, because I no longer sweat the little things!!…only what’s important.

At The Camp and Fitness Concepts our focus is to get you results. That’s the reason for all of our super cool additional programs as well as bomb daily workouts of course.

We are there to help you so, if you need some extra guidance with your diet, or you’re just not getting results as you expected please email me…
I can help you and I’m happy to do it.

If you’re looking for help forming and shaping your butt, you MUST register for the Booty Bootcamp! A women can simply never over-train that area, it’s the hardest to shape and to maintain, but BBC will get you well on your way!! Although you may be unable to walk up stairs or sit on toilets for a while.

It starts 9/14 and goes on for 6 Saturday’s…5am and 6am (the first sign ups will have priority on time)

click on the link below, just a couple of days until we close the registration!!

Booty Bootcamp registration

Adriana's transformation!!  She has made fitness a part of her life. Adriana’s transformation!! She has made fitness a part of her life.

Coming up at The Camp!!

-Kids Camp is starting again!! Sept 16!! Register your child between 6-12 years old.
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4pm 50 min. session in Chino only. Email me to sign up.

-Check in on FB and win a free t-shirt (25 check-ins gets you a free T) You have to let me know you have hit your 25!! Email me with the size and location!

-PLEASE bring workout towels to every session, high temps = sweaty peeps and results in sweaty equipment!

-Fitness Testing for all regular members! We are bringing FITRANX back in Sept 28 at 10am.
We can only take the first 20 members that sign up!! Please email me if you’re in!!!!

Have an amazing weekend!!

Alejandra Font
The Camp Bootcamp
14626 Central Ave.
Chino, CA 91710

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