Shopping to Maintain a Sexy body and a Clean Diet

I’m always asked about the best things to eat and I can’t stress enough…your meals are 80% of your results!! I promise it’s seriously the most important piece to the puzzle, you could almost not work out, eat perfect and get some results…of course I don’t recommend that route!!


So I just started getting really into Instagram, just this week.  It’s hugely popular and I figured I’m a
modern women so I better get with it.

In addition to Facebook I have committed myself to Instagram which I am quickly becoming
addicted to.  Twitter I haven’t touched and I’m not planning on it…for now at least.  I haven’t questioned
the purpose of Facebook in my life I  and if my life would be of higher quality without it.  I am convinced
my relationships have strengthened and new ones have formed because of this awesome website.

If were not “friends” on Facebook, I would love to be…that’s a formal proposal!  And if you are want to
checkout what I’m up to on Instagram you can follow me, find me under: ALEJANDRAFONT

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Chevon February 1, 2013 at 5:56 pm

Sometimes FB can get boring but for the most part it’s a great form of communication. If I want to send out a blast to my family or friends for a get together I don’t have to go down my call log to phone everyone. I can just send it all at once and get my responses right away.

Social Media is not for everyone…


Alejandra Font February 2, 2013 at 6:50 am

I agree Chevon! It’s an easy way to stay in touch…we end up being more involved in friends lives because of what
we see in FB…I think it’s amazing!!



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