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Happy Friday…And Happy Spring!

The best time ever to get in shape…although I think you should always work at bettering yourself  in every single aspect of your life but the spring and summer seasons definitely give us a lot of motivation to step it  up and get our butts in gear.

Having a positive body image is such an important part of feeling fantastic everyday.  

For me personally, as long as I’m working on bettering myself I feel good.  When I am stagnant and lacking goals or motivation, I kind of feel like a loser.  When you’re not growing your actually shrinking or bluntly put, dying!!  Whether it be in business, relationships, education, fitness, I always stay focused on growth…it’s inspiring and keeps me excited about life.  

Not to toot our own horns but have you noticed how fitness people are extremely positive and motivated.  I’ve recently gotten into Instagram and I follow a lot of fitness competitors and other athletes.  The common denominator between them  all is that they are very positive, believers, fighters, committed, and focused.  I’m sure they all have their ups and downs but  I find it very inspiring and I love to see these people’s pics and quotes for motivation to work hard and not give up. 

Figure out what inspires you and feed yourself a dosage everyday to stay focused on your goals.  It has to happen in your mind first!! 

I had mentioned a Cheat Meal Pot Luck in a previous email right?  

The date of the potluck will be:

Thursday, April 11 at 6pm!  

I guess I have a bad reputation because this morning when I mentioned the Cheat Meal Pot Luck to a couple of ladies they said, “leave it to you to plan a cheat meal  party!”  LOL!  Bring your FAV cheat meal to share! 

We’ll be giving out some HARDCORE very crazy meal plans about a week before the party, that  way come 4/11 you will have a well deserved delicious cheat meal with out the guilt….“ain’t nobody got time for that”!!!!(the guilt part)

Awesome news:

Rancho is rapidly growing!!  We have added an additional Saturday morning session in Rancho starting tomorrow 3/23.

We will now have 8am and 9am in Rancho plus of course the regular Chino and Riverside sessions.Our next nutrition session is on Wed. 3/27 at 6pm in Chino!!  If you haven’t seen results it’s most likely because of what you are or aren’t eating!!  Come to this session and get all your questions and any misconceptions answered.

Super Trainer Sonjia shared an awesome and super simple recipe last week in Rancho.

Within days I heard about it from at least 5 campers!  She shared it again on Thursday morning in Chino so of course I very diligently went home and made her fab recipe!  Yes, it’s totally delicious and clean, but be really careful, I ended up eating the entire thing within an hour.  Regardless how clean it was, not the best idea!  

Check out the recipe below!

By the way, we are all always posting recipes or tips on Instagram check us out:

Sonjia: fitcleanmommy

Shelley: smbateman21

Amanda (tall): amandamartin_xoxo

Amanda(blondie): amandajoforsho

(Amanda is sharing her journey to her very first fitness bikini competition!!  So proud of her ;)

Alejandra: alejandrafont 

Have a fantastic weekend and see you at The Camp!


 Sonjia’s super easy oatmeal cookies




  • 2 bananas
  • 1 cup of raw oatmeal
  • 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder
  • (The protein wasn’t in Sonjia’s recipe but I tried it and it totally works, so either with or without) Cinnamon to taste 
  • Mash bananas into the oatmeal, sprinkle the cinnamon and blend in protein powder. 
  • Bake at 350 for 20!! So yummy!!
  • You can also add nuts, dates, flax!!


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