The camp bikini squad rocks San Diego


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Hey Aff, (Awesome Fit Fam)

What an eventful weekend it was for myself and the beautiful ladies from The
Camp and Fitness Concepts who participated in San Diego’s Muscle Contest this past weekend.

I’m so extremely proud of these 9 women, they made some sacrifices,
worked very hard, stayed focused for 8 weeks on their goal and made it happen.
It wasn’t by accident, it was all very well though out, planned and perfectly executed.

I love the fact that for some of them 6,5, 4 and even 3 months ago they didn’t think they
would have the ability to do it, but they definitely did…I’m a witness and I have the
pics to prove it.

These ladies are between the ages of 23 and 39 years old,
they all work, most of them are moms, wives and have tons
of responsibility that take precedence over doing a fitness competition,
but I love the fact that they made no excuses and simply got it
done! It took a lot of hard work and a lot of dedication, a lot
of turning down invitations to avoid temptation, and probably
some criticism from people who just don’t see things the way they do.

They are total badasses in my book. Doing a competition is not for everyone,
but getting outside of your comfort zone and stretching yourself is.
Feel uncomfortable that’s the only way to grow, and if you’re not
growing you’re dying.

Have an amazing week!

Alejandra Font
The Camp Bootcamp
14626 Central Ave.
Chino, CA 91710

Rancho location is adding a 6am session on Tuesday starting tomorrow June 11!!

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