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Hey Aff, (Awesome Fit Fam)

Did you know your glutes are the largest and strongest muscle in the body? Of course you have to work it very intentionally to keep it from getting messy!! (messy, good word for it right?)

I’ll warn you, your glutes require a lot and I mean A LOT of attention, whether you carry fat in that area of the body or not, there is no way around it. They are needy and require your time and dedication.

During our typical Camp workouts you will probably end up doing on average 100 squats per session, if not more. Plus all the additional frog jumps, lunges, and step ups that are a big contributor to a tight booty.


I always recommend the ladies to NEVER miss a Tuesday session because the concentration is and has always been lower body, although you basically can never get away from not doing something that targets your glutes in every other class we offer.

Because we know you well, we know you are looking to enhance that area of your body, there is no such thing as a perfect butt… it’s always a work in progress, you will never really be done completely.

Last year Sam had the idea of developing our Camp Big Booty Bootcamp, and it’s been a huge success every time we’ve offered it. Ladies are always requesting we bring it back so here’s your chance again to join in on the booty development phenomenon that’s sweeping Instagram and the IE.

The class is 50 min long, it concentrates on glute development (turning a softy booty into a hard booty) with emphasis on increasing muscle and creating a large, but firm, round booty. A large soft butt isn’t the goal, that’s easy and can be accomplished with no effort.

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The cost is $150 for 6 weeks and stars 2/1 and goes continuously for 6 Saturdays.

The $150 covers Booty Bootcamp sessions only. If you aren’t a member you can sign up but will only have access to this Saturday class.

BBBC starts on 2/1, at the Chino location, we will be offering a 6am and 9am class.

Below is the link to sign up:

=========click here============

Coming up at The Camp:

*Grocery store tour at the Rancho Sprouts 1/21 6pm (on DayCreek)

*Need support, motivation, inspiration or just want to connect with our Awesome Fit Family. Join us for our first Transformation Support Group!

When: Saturday, January 25th
Where: Chino location-Sam’s office
Time: 9:15 am-10:15 am

When: Saturday, January 25th
Where: Chino location-Sam’s office
Time: 9:15 am-10:15 am


When you check in on FB type the check in number, for example if it’s your first check in type 1 and so on.

If you’re checking in on Facebook and have reached your 25 check-ins email me letting me know what location and what size you need. It’ll take us a few days to get your shirt to you.

See you at The Camp.

Ale aka Boss Lady

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