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Valerie has been with us for over a year since we opened Rancho, she has gone from an inactive lifestyle to hyperactive!  This girl has now run
several 1/2 marathons and many times works out 2 times a day.  She is a source of inspiration for me any many others.



Lynn began her transformation before finding The Camp but has been with us for about a year and just look at the transformation!




 Yes, he’s already in amazing shape but the last 30 days he has totally stepped it up.  I’ve been witness to him working out 2 times a day, disciplined about his supplements and eating schedule, which of course is super clean (no way around that, sorry).  His 30 day results show his disciple and
dedication by way of a perfectly defined abs, smaller waist and thinner face.



Rebecca joined The Camp for what she thought as a temporary thing, but now it has become a way of life for her.  She
has lost over 15lbs. but more importantly she has gained muscle, strength and self confidence.


It’s awesome how our bodies respond so well when we simply take care of it…your body
is very grateful and will reward you with beautifully toned sleek and smooth muscles not to
mention what treating it well will do to your skin.  Look after yourself and
don’t treat your tummy like a garbage can, your body is your prized possession.
It’s one of a kind and you have to preserve it as best you can for a great quality of life.
When I was younger and ate a lot of junk food, my biggest superficial worry was my
butt looking too big in white jeans, today my biggest superficial worry is aging…you can
wear black jeans if your butt looks too big in white jeans but what are you going to
do if your face is prematurely wrinkling?
I have seen the best results on my skin when I eat super clean, tons of veggies make my skin
look years younger than I am and within weeks I notice the effects on my face of when I’m
super focused on my eating to when I am not.
I don’t spend tons of money on skin products but I do spend a good amount on healthy
and natural food as well as vitamins and fish oils, which I take daily.  I eat a lot of seeds,
nuts, coconut oil, green veggies, fish, turkey, peanut butter, oatmeal, eggs because those
are the foods that have given me the best results and what I read over and over tells me
natural foods are better than processed and high in fat foods. Of course I do this almost always,
but 1 and sometimes 2 times a week I have a cheat meal.  I thoroughly love and enjoy my cheats and
have absolutely no guilt and remorse about eating them.  Having said that, I would never go back to eating
that type of food on a daily basis, as I used to.
If you’re new to working out and eating with a purpose, I know at first it could be hard but I promise
if you stick to it you  will get the results you are looking for.  It won’t happen overnight but if you
stay consistent it will happen.
For more info on eating clean come to our next grocery store tour on March 19 at 6pm Sprouts in Chino.
Also, our next nutrition session is on March 27 at 6pm in Chino.
Thanks so much and see you at The Camp.





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Sandra March 8, 2013 at 3:18 pm

Hi Beautiful, Hope your haveing a great time, Dang that Sam what the heck he looks awesome i’m jealous lol, any ways Lynn Evan is our patient and she was just in for her eye appt, when she came in i couldn’t stop stareing at her, and that because i knew her but didn’t reconize her, then we started talking and realized we both are family members to the camp lol, can’t wait to take it to the next level so ready….Thanxs xoxo!!


Alejandra Font March 9, 2013 at 1:39 pm

What a small world!! She’s made some AMAZING transformation right???


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