White Jeans Inspired


Happy 3 day weekend! Enjoy yourself, and have a clean
safe and fun holiday weekend.

So this weekend kicks off bathing suit season, and I know
everyone’s focus right now is getting in bikini body shape…
of course that’s awesome…I love to see people aim big with
clear direction of how to accomplish their goals.

But…I think bikini season is a bit hyped…how often do you really run around in a
bikini throughout the summer…what maybe 20 times…
Seriously people, we live in the IE, it’s not like our back yard heads up to
the Pacific Ocean.

If you’re struggling with your weight-loss and results, forget being bikini
ready for now, start with a short term goal and go for being White Jeans ready!

What inspired me to write this post was one of our
long time Rancho campers, she posted an Instagram picture last week,
referencing how eating clean and working out like a BEAST has
given her IMMEDIATE results…I’m just quoting her.

She’s been with us since 2011 and she’s come a very long way…
to say she looks amazing doesn’t even do her justice.

What impresses me about her is her attitude,
so focused and 100% determined…and to top it off she’s always smiling,
I have a soft spot for that…I love big smiles!
It makes you better looking, and for sure more pleasant to be around.

Anyway, this girl makes it happen, she works out at The Camp everyday and
sometimes 2 times per day, works with a personal trainer,
runs and hikes and eats super clean. Of course she’s transforming!
It’s an intentional process!!!

She’s also in the BMW competition
and I think for sure she has a great chance to win it.

Anyway, check out the pic she posted on IG by clicking here.
If you’re on IG you should definitely follow her at: VALMIPAL

So back to the white jeans, it’s hard to put on a pair of tight white jeans and feel
really good about it….everything shows with white jeans,
every little lump and bump!! I know the ladies know exactly what I’m referring to.
Sooo….here’s a little challenge for you, hopefully you’re up to it.

1. Try on your white jeans or pants today
2. Notice how they fit, what pops and what’s zipping and closing.
3. Take a pic of your bum so you remember what you’re dealing with.
4. Maintain a super clean meal plan for the next week.
5. Workout with us at The Camp or Fitness Concepts or where ever you go.
6. Next Friday put your jeans on again, take another pic and I promise…if you follow all the steps
especially step 4 and 5, your jeans will look visibly better on you!!!

Choose from the food below…don’t deviate! 6 meals per day…plus 1 gallon of water!
limit your salt intake all week!!!

6 servings per day
Extra Lean Ground turkey
Tilapia (or any white fish)
Boneless skinless
Egg whites

Starchy Carbs
2 servings per day before 3pm
Sweet potatoes
Brown/white rice

Fibrous Carbs (veggies)
Unlimited amounts

Spaghetti squash
Spring / mix salad
Green beans
Brussels sprouts
Bock Choy

Good Fats
1 serving per day
(don’t consume with a
starchy carb)
Flaxseed and olive oil
Udos oil

Let me know your progress!!



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Sheri Feeney May 24, 2013 at 8:23 pm

Hi Alejandra,
I just read your email on white jeans. listed below was foods to eat, you say Protein 6 serving per day is that 3 oz. servings? And how many oz. for the starchy carbs? I am going to try this! thanks for the info.



Alejandra Font May 25, 2013 at 10:47 am

HI Sheri,

Don’t worry too much about the portion size, for the protein stay with about 5-6 oz. per serving, the complex carbs about 1/2cup per


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