Worry Wart

Hey AFF, (awesome fit fam)

Do you ever worry?

I recently read that the act of worrying is just a mental image you don’t want to happen.


In essence when you worry you are totally delusional. Worrying takes a lot of energy, it limits you, scares you, makes you think irrationally, keep in mind what you are worrying about has not happened, so it doesn’t actually exist.

If you think you can’t control your worrying, well you absolutely can, you can control all of your emotions you just have to intentionally do it, otherwise your mind will revert back to its old habits.

Anyway, I bring this up because I’ve had one of those high stress weeks.  I had to remind myself a couple of times throughout the week, that I’m not some make believe princess from Disneyland, this is real life and worry doesn’t solve anything at all.  If anything it makes me look like a witch because one thing worry does do is cause wrinkles, and no one needs those!

So don’t be a worry wart and don’t be one of those people that just lets life happen to them.

Upcoming at The Camp and Fitness Concepts 

*1000 calorie Weekend Warrior workout will be starting soon. Big B, aka The Screamer, aka Brian will be leading this program.

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===>  *1,000 Calorie Weekend Warrior Video

*TOMORROW: *Fund Raiser!!  Please support us in help St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital.  Their mission is to find cures for children with cancer and other life threatening diseases. Any non members can come workout and donate the amount they wish, every dollar we collect will go to St. Judes.

*Don’t forget to go through the front door in Chino and Rancho, sign in and grab your name tag!!  We appreciate it.

*If you’re checking in on Facebook and have reached your 25 check-ins email me letting me know what location and what size you need.  It’ll take us a few days to get your shirt to you.

Thanks so much!


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